From being hated for having contained fats to one of the most beloved natural product of recent years, coconut’s reputation as a healthy product has given it a special place in most household’s pantry.

But did you know that this oily substance from the coconut fruit is also beneficial to dogs, too?

Here are the reasons why:

1. Coconut oil helps maintain the dog’s healthy skin

We do not normally see dogs getting a massage with a coconut oil to actually know that doing so is actually good for their skin. But, as it turns out, that may indeed be the case.

When you are not improving your dog’s skin health by applying a healthy dose of coconut oil on their skin, you are actually also potentially offsetting the occurrence of certain skin diseases like eczema, itchy skin, flea allergies, and contact dermatitis in the process.

2. Coconut oil moisturizes your dog’s coat

The coconut oil is a natural emollient in that it provides enough hydration on the skin when applied.

Unsurprisingly, it also works just the same towards a dog’s coat. When you apply some coconut oil to your canine’s skin, expect a level of vibrancy which no mere shampoo can.

3. Coconut oil hastens the healing process

It is not all the time that our pet suffers from wounds, cuts, and insect bites. But when they do, there is always the coconut oil which, when applied, facilitates healing towards the damaged areas.

4. Coconut oil neutralizes bad odor

As sheltered as our pet canines can be, there is one thing we cannot altogether shield them from—odor.

Like us, however, dogs oftentimes get their smell from the microbes that thrive on their skin. Yet, with the right application of coconut oil—thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties—any bad smell can be removed.

5. Coconut oil has a powerful antiviral agent

It is not just the smell- and disease-causing bacteria and fungi that are detrimental to a dog’s health. There is the virus, too, such as that which causes cough to our pet.

While you may be a little too late to prevent a viral infection to your pet such that it resulted to a sickness like cough, you can always prevent it from worsening with a healthy dose of coconut as intermediary.

6. Coconut oil promotes better digestion and absorption of nutrients

Who would have thought that adding some coconut oil to your dog’s diet can significantly boost digestion and absorption of nutrients? Apparently, it does. Just do not overdo it as too much of this oily substance causes dogs to have loosened stool.

7. Coconut oil eradicates dog’s bad breath

Call it a substitute to brushing the teeth, but coconut oil has a way of keeping a dog’s breath fresh like tooth brushing would.

8. Coconut oil prevents diseases

From offsetting the possibility of diabetes, to the promotion of healthy thyroid function, and prevention of heart disease, a regular intake of coconut oil to dogs does it all.

9. Coconut oil maintains good mobility to dogs

Dogs who started having trouble with arthritis will find a friend with a coconut oil as it helps facilitate mobility to the pet.

10. Coconut oil promotes good brain health

Although letting your dog consume coconut oil regularly will not make it any brighter than it already is, it, however, keeps your dog’s mind healthy such as by preventing serious brain cases like dementia and brain fogginess to aging dogs.


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