Research has been done by plenty of individuals and groups around the world on just how to properly clean a puppy or a dog. This is quite essential because we do know just how important dogs are in a human’s life. They have become family members and friends. They have become constant companions and they have become healers. Their presence has brought about many smiles to humans. And dogs have been more than happy to give their love and friendship to their human without asking for anything in return.

This is why it is important that research has to be done on how to properly give them a bath. It is very important that you do know how to give back to your beloved pet even if they are not asking you for anything. You would want them to be clean and you would want them to be properly taken cared of. With that, here are some tips on what you can do to make sure that you give your dog the right bath that it deserves.

  1. Give your dog a brushing before the bath begins. This should help remove any tangled hair and get you fur that is quite easy to bathe. Brushing the hair of your dog also removes any dirt that could be in there as well as debris stuck to its hair. Brushing also removes any hair that has been shed by your pet so that these would not clog the drain.
  2. Your dog may be anxious when it comes to baths. With that, you can actually help your dog keep calm for this activity. If you are bathing your dog in a sink or in the tub, you can simply put a towel there before you start cleaning your dog. That way, you do not have to worry about your dog slipping. You also need to make sure that the spray of the water is not too strong.
  3. When it comes to using shampoo for the bath, go ahead and apply it directly to the hair of your pet. Experts suggest that you place them on the fur even before you wet your dog. That way, the shampoo can remove any dirt that may already be there and remove them better.
  4. Keeping your dog calm is a very important thing. Or else, if your dog starts to panic, you may have to worry about him slipping and hurting himself or you may have to worry that you may be getting a bath too because your dog would be spraying the water all around you. Anyhow, to keep your dog calm, you can actually start washing him from his tail and move on towards the head. This has been a technique that many dog spa owners attest to.
  5. Cold water just is not something that dogs like. Therefore, you should make sure that the water you would use is warm water. Be careful though. Make sure that it is warm and not scalding hot. Just remember that you also would not want really hot water for baths.


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