Weathers and seasons change, it is one of those many things we cannot control. When the temperature rises or falls, it is always a question of how prepared are you and your dog in staying safe through the weather.

The intense heat, the humid weather, and the unbearable heat wave. How can you protect your dog from these forces of nature?


Keeping up the hydration is important during hot weather. As humans, we sweat a lot and lose the water from our bodies. While dogs lose it when they are panting.

If your dog is hesitant or adamant on drinking water, you can put ice cubes on his water or feed him the ice itself. This will ascertain that your dog gets all the water he needs to keep cool despite the hot weather.

Useful Dog Products

A lot of cooling products that were specially made for dogs are being sold today. Here are some of the useful products that can help your dog get protected and keep cool from the heat:

o Dog Boots
o Balm for Paws
o Cooling Mat
o Cooling Dog Vest
o Dog Life Vest
o Cooling Collar
o Cooling Bandana
o Cooling Body Wrap
o Portable Pet Tent
o Sunscreen for Dogs

Get Out of the Sun and Keep under the Shade

Check the weather temperature and the humidity when you and your dog are out. When the temperature is more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit and extremely humid, it would be best to keep your dog inside.

If you are missing some exercise because of the weather, you and your dog can still get the exercise, just in a different time. The asphalts are hot to the touch for your dog’s paws when the sun is up high.

Choose to go out for exercise during the early morning or in the evenings, when it is much cooler. Keep your dog happy with exercise so that he would not be left with unspent energy.

When outside in the heat, make sure that there are shades where your dog can rest under so that he can still keep cool.

Observe your Dog and Wise Up

Your dog has his own way of dealing with the heat, and that is by panting. Panting is a dog’s way of cooling down their bodies. This is also how a dog parent can tell if their dog can cope with the heat or not.

Depending on how fast your dog is panting, you can tell if the heat is too much for him if he is panting more than usual. This means that you need to immediately get him out of the heat and have cooled down.

In cooling down your dog, it is important that you cool him from below and not from the top. Dog absorb more from beneath them, it is one of the reasons the cooling mat was made for dogs.

If you do not have a cooling mat, you can get a cool wet towel where your dog can lie on, or you can spray him with water from below.

Always keep your dog safe

If you really have to leave your dog behind during the hot weather, make sure he is safe and hydrated. Never leave him in a car or outside the house.

Get your dog inside the house and keep the air conditioner on. Make sure that everything he may need to stay cool while you are away, is available for him to use. Or you could simply hire a dog sitter for your dog.


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