A lot of abandoned dogs are found under horrible conditions. However, no matter how bad these dogs look, rescuers will always do their best to help them. A classic example of this is Halo, a dog discovered abandoned in the woods somewhere in Mississippi.

A woman named Stacey and her husband found Halo in the woods. The dog was starving, and her eyes showed signs of visual impairment. At that time, she also had trouble moving one of her hind legs. After seeing the dog’s state, Stacey wasn’t sure if Halo was going to survive.

Stacey took Halo to her home and gave the dog some food. She also brought the dog to a veterinarian to receive proper medication. During the visit, the vet confirmed that Halo is blind. Despite her disability, she could still navigate her surroundings with relative ease.

Halo enjoyed her time with Stacey and her grandkids. She was under the woman’s care for five months before being transferred to an animal shelter in Connecticut. Halo arrived at the shelter healthy and ready to live a good life.

The animal shelter employees loved the energy that Halo was giving off. She was very sociable and approached everyone she saw. There was no doubt that she was ready to stay in the shelter until she could get adopted.

Halo had a room all to herself with a cozy bed and some blankets. From time to time, the shelter employees gave her snacks. She would take them gently and set them aside on her bed to eat for later. Halo had everything she needed to thrive in her new temporary home.

Halo’s favorite snack is ice cream from McDonald’s. She’s overcome with happiness whenever she receives it. It’s something she’ll never get tired of. Similarly, her guardians won’t get tired of spoiling her as well.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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