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The Cole family from California’s San Lorenzo Valley searched for their Yellow Labrador named Sage for over a week. According to the family, they began their search after learning that the pooch went missing.

There were reports that there were lion sightings near the mountain where they live, so they felt worried about the dog, who is blind. On the 11th day of their search, the family received good news. The news came from their neighbor, Dan Estrada, a paramedic who went hiking in the woods one day. According to Dan, he spotted something light-colored near a stream.

At first, Dan thought it was a garbage bag floating in the water, so he did not mind. But when he got closer to it, it became clear to him that it was a dog. Dan was aware that the Cole family was looking for their pooch. The dog that Dan saw on the stream looked the same as Sage.

This is why the paramedic decided to carry the dog down the mountain. It was challenging for Dan to do the carrying because Sage was too big. Even then, Dan managed to pull it off with enough perseverance and strength. Fortunately, the pooch did not go against what Dan did because Sage knew the man. The paramedic noted that when he saw the pooch, Sage was wet and cold. This is why he handled the pooch with so much care.

When he arrived down the mountain and already had a phone signal, Dan called the Cole family. Dan shared the good news with them and told the family to go to where he is to fetch the pooch. When the Cole family arrived, they hugged the pooch and brought him to an animal clinic. Before that, the family extended their utmost gratitude to what Dan did.

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