Two friends, Danica and Mindy, were driving down a highway in California when a strange sight caught their attention. They decided to turn around and closely look at a canal. And there, they found a pit bull in a helpless situation.

The two women did not expect their usual drive to turn into rescuing a furry friend in need. Luckily for the pittie, Danica and Mandy were both dog lovers. They couldn’t pass up the chance to help a dog like her.

The canal where the dog was stuck was steep and tall. It was difficult for the two animal lovers to reach the scared pit bull by themselves. Thus, they immediately called a rescue team to help them save the pittie. And it did not take long for two rescuers to arrive.

With the rescuers’ help, they combined some dog leashes to serve as a rope. One of the rescuers tied the makeshift rope around the dog’s neck and used it to persuade the pittie out of her predicament. When she was finally free, the pittie wagged her tail happily, obviously excited at being saved by amazing people. To show her gratitude to the kind strangers, she gave them a big kiss.

After the pup was rescued, Danica and Mindy took her to the nearest veterinary clinic. She was scanned for a microchip; however, she had none. For weeks, they tried looking for her missing family. Unfortunately, no one claimed her. So they surrendered her to an animal shelter, Venus Animal Haven Rescue, where a loving family could adopt her.

After months of searching for the right family for her, the pittie was finally adopted and was named Bella by her new fur parents. Thanks to Danica and Mindy’s help, the pittie is now living happily with a kind and loving family.

Credits to Venus Animal Haven


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