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Just how much love can dogs show to each other? Besides sharing doggy treats, they could also cover their pals with blankets when the weather is cold. While it seems a bit impossible, one video has proved that, yes, dogs can reach this level of care and love towards their furry pals.

A dog owner named Antonia has captured this little yet sweet moment when she was taking a photo of her Pomeranian-mix dog named Knut and her Dachshund named Pauli.

In the video, Knut can be seen wrapped in a white blanket beside his dog pal. Both of them stand in picturesque background of brown autumn leaves, which would surely make their photos stand out. But while Antonia was taking their photos, one unexpected but lovely moment happened. Concerned that his furry pal might be feeling cold, Knut suddenly shared his blanket with Pauli.

Aside from their beautiful background, Antonia had another lovely shot that day, which revealed her dogs’ intense bond and love with each other. And this isn’t a strange thing after all, as love is what brought Antonia, Knut, and Pauli together in their home in Hamburg, Germany, and filled that home with even more love.

Knut was adopted by Antonia when he was still four-months-old. He was born in Cyprus and was rescued from a shed with more than 40 dogs when he was still a few days old. On the other hand, Pauli was a rescue dog from Hungary, and Antonia’s mother adopted her.

With love bringing them together in one home, it’s amazingly effortless for all of them to show and express love with each other. They were so good at it that their love can even be felt even in their short-video clip, which was well-received by netizens when it was uploaded.

The video clip was so heartwarming that it immediately gained 22,464 likes on Knut’s Instagram account. His followers on Instagram rushed in to express their delight in the two dogs’ adorable moments with each other, which is truly inspiring and unique.

It was also a good thing that these dogs have provided their share of sunshine for the people who want to see refreshing moments of love in these challenging times.

Source: Emily Webber via Daily Mail


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