Dogs are greatly affected by their environment. A perfectly calm dog can turn anxious if the people around him are anxious. The following story is an example of such. Dog trainer Cesar Millan worked with a client who was clueless about what to do next with her dog.

Cesar was baffled to see how a small dog can cause so many problems for his owners. A client named Karen Jackson can’t handle her dog, Toby. The two-year-old Wire Fox Terrier is ruining Karen’s life.

Karen’s son, Tristan, was diagnosed with Aspergers. He has a sensory issue; that’s why Karen thought having a dog will help her son. Toby was intended to be a source of calmness for the boy.

For the first two weeks of having Toby, everything was fine. However, after those weeks, Toby began being aggressive. Tristan had a hard time making friends, and Toby’s presence has worsened his anxiety.

Cesar Millan took Toby to his trailer vehicle for an experiment. Cesar has a dog named Junior who acts as his assistant. Junior can judge whether certain dogs are aggressive or just anxious.

Based on the way Junior interacted with Toby, the little dog was just anxious. Cesar attached Toby’s leash to Junior’s. This way, the bigger dog can teach the smaller one how to be calmer.

Karen was surprised to see her dog walking side by side with a different dog. Cesar noticed that Toby’s behavior changed as soon as he came closer to his owner. The trainer was sure there was something about Karen that stressed the dog out.

Cesar sat down with Karen so she can vent out everything that was stressing her. She admitted that her house was full of anxious energy coming from both her and Tristan. With that being said, she asked Cesar a difficult question.

Karen asked Cesar if it’s okay to keep Toby in a house full of chaos. Cesar paused for a while. His answer was not shown in the video, but check out the source below for more on the story.

Video courtesy of Dabl via YouTube.


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