Who would have thought that a prisoner can save a dog’s life? It may be hard to believe, but it happened. Maybe some of them are not that bad after all.

Pavlov was wondering the streets when he got rescued. He was brought to Animal Care and Control in Philadelphia. He was quite skinny, and his coat was in terrible condition.

Posted by New Leash on Life USA on Friday, December 22, 2017


After Pavlov has recovered, he was chosen to be one of the dogs that would pair up with some prisoners to train. That’s where he met Steven. Steven was assigned to train Pavlov. They eat, play and sleep together. These two developed a good bond.

After two months, Pavlov started to follow Steven’s command, like sit and stay. Steven couldn’t be more amazed. All the things that he taught Pavlov worked.

Pavlov wasn’t the only one to benefit from the training. Together, they’re both making progress. Steven even got an early release from the prison. It’s a mixed emotion for him.


He was happy to be released earlier than he expected, but he’s surely going to miss his buddy. He didn’t know what’s going to happen to Pavlov. He wanted to bring Pavlov with him, but he can’t. He doesn’t even know where to live. It’s hard for him to leave.

Fortunately, Pavlov met Marina. She immediately decided to adopt Pavlov the moment she saw him. It ‘was no surprise because he’s a lovely and adorable dog. Marina was delighted to have him.

Later on, she saw Leash on Life’s post regarding Pavlov and Steven. She was happy to see her baby on the post. This made her make an effort to reunite her baby with his former trainer and pal.

Posted by New Leash on Life USA on Friday, December 22, 2017


They went to Animal Control to surprise Steven. This is the same shelter that saved Pavlov and where Steven works as an animal control officer. Guess Steven fell in love with animals after his encounter with Pavlov.

They decided to set up Steven with cameras. He thinks that he is being filmed for a documentary regarding his job not knowing that his pal was just behind the door. Pavlov entered the room, and Steven was so surprised to see him.

It’s been so many years, and Pavlov can still recognize the man who trained him and treated him with utmost love. Steven can still remember Pavlov’s quirks, and they both played again after a very long time.

Credit: New Leash on Life USA

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