Virginie was on Instagram when she saw this tiny puppy. She called him a little shark face. Since then, she could not get him out of her mind. Her partner, Craig, feels the same way and knew that they needed to get the little shark face.

When you know, you know. And they knew Earl belonged to them from the moment they saw him. Earl was born with a cleft lip and was abandoned from day one because of his condition.

Earl came from a breeder in Los Angeles, and due to his cleft lip, he was to be put down. Puppies with cleft lip or cleft palates need extra care which is one of the reasons why breeders just abandon them instead. These puppies need to be tube-fed as they are unable to suck out milk from the mother.

Even when they get tube-fed, they can easily aspirate, so extra care and handling is needed. Everyone wanted to see Earl grow strong and live a normal life. Earl was adopted by the couple and has joined a big family where he felt right at home.

His sisters and brothers are big, but he barks at them like he is older and bigger than them. He acts like a boss in the family which is such a fun thing to see and watch. A few months after, Earl has grown to be a big dog himself.

Though not taller, he definitely got wider and is packed with muscles. He was adopted by the perfect, family and this little critter is as bubbly and as happy as a puppy could be!

He brings so much joy and happiness to the family. It is a two-way street. Both parties are happy to have each other.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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