A woman named Kelly used to volunteer at a rescue center. There, she met a lot of dogs and helped changed their lives. She loved all of them, but not as much as she loved Mittens.

Mittens was one of the dogs that they rescued, and she immediately felt a connection with him. Her then-boyfriend connected with Mittens too. Together, they decided to adopt him.

They already filled out an adoption form and were very excited to get him home. Unfortunately, they were unable to. Mittens had heartworms, and his adoption was placed on hold. This did not discourage Kelly, though.

She was very determined to wait for him. As she waited, Mittens underwent treatment for her condition. After a couple of months, she was finally ready to be in her forever home.

Kelly went back to the rescue center alone as she already broke up with her boyfriend. Some of the rescuers even thought that she was not going to push through with her adoption. They knew it would be challenging to raise Mittens alone. They were wrong.

Kelly did not want any other dog besides Mittens. That’s why she waited for months until he was well enough to be adopted. It never even crossed her mind to find another dog.

That’s how she decided she was on Mittens. The rescuers were very happy to hear this. It was rare for an adopter to wait for the dog that they liked. They usually move on and find another dog to adopt.

This showed the rescuer how much Kelly truly loves Mittens, and he was in good hands with his new mom. They could not wait to see how spoiled he will be. Kelly wanted to make sure that she does exactly that and make Mittens the happiest dog possible. Mittens was grateful that he found the perfect mom.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube


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