Most dogs really dread visiting the vet. This adorable dog, however, seemed to love it.

This pooch savored the time he was at the veterinary clinic. She loved spending time with Kayleen Campbell, her veterinary nurse.

The dog sat down for the checkup. Kayleen grabbed her and secured her neck. This is a common process for vets when they need to draw blood from pets. This method allows vets and nurse to draw the blood more quickly compared to using the veins in the dog’s legs.

Most pets resent the process even if it’s just before the drawing of the blood. However, this 13-year-old dog felt relaxed and comfortable. She was also contented thinking that when the nurse grabbed her, it was a start of hug sessions.

On Reddit, the photo of the vet and the dog’s cuddle session was posted. The caption mentioned that the staff needed to hold off the dog’s jugular vein after drawing the blood. However, the sweet pup mistook the action and through she was in for a hugging session. “I love my job,” the vet added.

Holding the vein off only takes a couple of minutes. However, the pup kept on leaning back into Kayleen, the nurse. It looks like the dog thinks that she was being given love and attention. Kayleen obliged and she was very happy to give what the dog wanted.

Most dogs won’t sit still during examinations. They don’t want to stay for a long time because they feel unsafe or uncomfortable inside veterinary clinics. Some get nervous o scared which makes the examination more difficult.

This is why when vet nurses like Kayleen see friendly and happy dogs or even cats, she gives them all the love and attention that they want.

Credits to Meowpal33 (Reddit user) for sharing this adorable photo of their cuddle session.


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