Paul Dellegatto’s a meteorologist at Tampa Bay, Florida, and he delivers the forecast for Fox 13’s weather segment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul’s one of the many people who work from home. It’s not unusual for work from home professionals to encounter unexpected scenarios such as losing internet connection while in the middle of an online meeting, children screaming in the background, and for Paul’s case, his dog Brody stealing the show!

It all started when Paul reports about the temperature for the week, and suddenly the weather map’s graphics froze a little because Brody knocked Paul’s computer. It interrupted Paul’s report, but the adorable Golden Retriever is persistent in joining the weather forecast, so he jumped into his owner’s lap and demanded his attention. It’s such a hilarious and cute encounter between Brody and his human dad!

Paul allowed his dog to join him because Brody is such a sweet and good boy. Paul continued with his report but informed the viewers that he’d verbalize the forecast. Brody, on the other hand, enjoys the spotlight and even glances at the camera from time to time. You’ll see a big smile and a satisfied look on his face.

Later on, Brody walks closer to the screen because he’s looking for the cameraman Craig, who’s staying on the porch. Paul said his dog likes the cameraman, so he wanted to see him. Craig’s hidden behind a blanket so that reflection won’t spoil the shot in Paul’s room, but Brody kept searching for him and blocked the screen with his face. Paul started to get embarrassed about his dog’s behavior, but you’ll hear the news anchors’ voice on the other line, telling Paul that they’re enjoying every moment of Brody’s presence in the segment.

The video of the weather forecast became viral and garnered a lot of likes and shares on social media. People adore Brody so much that they wish this charming pooch owns a segment as well. Indeed, Brody caused an interruption to the live forecast, but he certainly won everybody’s hearts.

Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay


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