When someone really close to us dies, it leaves a void in our hearts. It’s painful and moving on is hard without someone helping us. Coping is different for every person and finding happiness again is what all of us want.

When a girl named Lucia Lopez lost her dad, she needed something that would help her cope with her loss. Lucia decided that she would adopt a dog and that was when she met a rescue dog named Bishop. Bishop is a rescue dog that was abused and used for breeding.

Bishop needed a family that will love him and that’s what he got from Lucia. Bishop also helped Lucia fill a void in her heart after she lost her father. Both Bishop and Lucia were helping each other find happiness again and Lucia thought that all she needed was Bishop. However, it was all about to change for Lucia when she rescued a stray cat named Doug.

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Lucia found Doug on a highway called Douglaston Highway. Lucia wasn’t planning on keeping the little kitten but after placing Doug next to Bishop, she saw Doug curling up under Bishop’s chest. Bishop warmed up to Doug almost instantly and he learned how to love cats. Lucia decided to keep Doug and she also added another cat in the family named Simba.

Lucia loved all her fur babies. However, she decided to add two more furry creatures to her already big family. Lucia adopted two rats named Joey and Chandler. At first, she was afraid of how her two cats and dog would react. Lucia’s fear was unfounded when Bishop and her two cats got along so well with the rats.

Now, Lucia has one big family with Bishop leading all of his furry siblings. Lucia learned to become a dog trainer and she trained Bishop to become patient and become a better big brother to all his furry siblings. Here’s a remarkable video showing Lucia’s unusual yet adorable family.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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