Four years ago, rescuers found Toretto as a stray. California’s Humane Society of Imperial County took him in, but, sadly, years went by, and no potential forever family showed much interest in the pittie. Probably, that was because Toretto was already old, and he has inoperable cancer in his nose. Despite that, the shelter staff never gave up on the hope that one day, the sweet pup will find his perfect match.

Recently, shelters all over the country started to call for more people to adopt or foster pets in light of the COVID19 crisis. So, the couple Michael Levitt and Marc Loren, decided to help. As The Grey Muzzle Organization’s advisory board member, Michael knows the importance of adopting and fostering in times like this.

Posted by Michael Levitt on Wednesday, April 1, 2020


The couple already owns two dogs named Trooper and Nelson. However, they felt the need to do their part during the crisis, so they decided to foster a dog in need. Luckily, Michael and Marc came across Toretto’s video online, which showed how happy the pup was despite staying in the shelter for so long. At that moment, they knew that Toretto was the one.

Toretto’s cancer did not change the couple’s mind of bringing him home. Initially, they planned on giving Toretto a temporary home as a foster dog. However, after meeting the pup, Michael and Marc quickly fell in love with him. Even if Toretto had barely settled in, the couple already knew that he was going to be a foster fail.

His name is Toretto but we nicknamed him “Gino.” He absolutely loves to roll on the cool grass. 💜🐾🙏

Posted by Michael Levitt on Monday, March 30, 2020


Toretto’s new parents can’t imagine how potential families have overlooked the pup. Now, they are even working on getting Toretto’s cancer treated, which will hopefully extend his life for a few more years. It’s only been a few weeks since Toretto joined his family, but he has already become an irreplaceable member of the pack.

Michael said that even if Toretto is a senior dog, his qualities are puppy-like. Probably, this is because he stayed in the shelter for a large part of his life. It gives the couple so much happiness to see Toretto find joy in discovering simple things like jumping on the bed, rolling on the grass, and, of course, eating delicious treats.

Credit: Michael Levitt


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