This puppy may be tiny, but he has such a huge personality. This dog was born without front legs.

Turbo who was only six-week-old was brought to the vet clinic by the owner as he was unable to care for him. The other animals were ganging up on him in the clinic too. So one of the people who used to work for that vet clinic decided to keep him.

Turbo’s new owner used to coax him to stand up using a grain of rice so his back legs will be strengthened. One problem his new owner had was most cart companies did not cater to small dogs until they were six to eight months old. But Turbo’s owner did not want to wait, so she decided to create a cart for Turbo.

Turbo’s first cart was made out of a helicopter toy, which is a very clever move. They kept making their own carts while looking for one that Turbo is comfortable in. Turbo’s story was posted on a social media platform and it went viral almost overnight. His story caught the attention of an aerospace engineer in San Diego where he designed a cart for Turbo and shipped it to them.

Turbo got the concept of the cart but he never ran using it until his friends came out and Turbo just started running. He has gone through a couple more carts, and it has made Turbo unstoppable. He loves to run and has no plans of slowing down.

It is now very effortless for him, and he is able to do what other dogs can do like jump on couches. Turbo now has a twin, Ruby, who was rescued a year after Turbo. Both have been inseparable ever since.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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