All of us know the legendary Kobe Bryant. He was an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe has touched the hearts of many people in and out of the court.

So, when the tragic news about his death in a helicopter crash was broadcasted, many people around the world paid tribute to their late idol, Kobe. The National Basketball Association (NBA) renamed the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy after Kobe. Some basketball players even wore Kobe’s jersey to honor the late athlete. But, Jayson Tantum, a basketball player for the Boston Celtics, thought of a cuter and better way to honor Kobe.

Kobe and Jayson played for rival basketball teams, but they never actually played against each other since Kobe retired in 2016 while Jayson started playing the year after. Even though they never crossed paths in the court, the players formed a close bond outside of it. During offseasons, they formed a friendship by working out together.

So, when Jayson heard about the death of his friend, he was heartbroken. In an Instagram post, Jayson called Kobe his hero, idol, and the very reason he started playing basketball. He expressed his thanks for everything Kobe has done for him and said that he wants to grow just like his mentor, Kobe.

As a way to honor his late idol and mentor, Jayson decided to name his new family member after him. His new adorable pup was named Bean, after Kobe’s middle name. Bean is a cute French Bulldog that was found by Jayson in Kobe’s hometown, Philidelphia.

Bean has already gained much popularity at such an early age. Nicole Yang, one of Boston Globe’s journalist, was the first to post photos of the pup. She even joked that Bean should have a playdate with Weezy, the French Bulldog of Boston Celtic’s manager. Bean is not Jayson’s only pup. Jayson also has two Boxers named Deuce and Creek. But for a change, he said that he is very thrilled to welcome a smaller pup in his family.

Credits to Jayson Tatum


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