If you are a pet owner, among the many decisions you’ll be facing is whether to neuter your dogs or not. If you are having trouble deciding if it’s the right time to do the surgery, then you should read this article. We also included the benefits of neutering as well as the myths surrounding the topic.

Health benefit

One long-term benefit of spaying and neutering your pet is improved health. For example, spaying eliminates the likelihood of breast cancer in females before their first heat cycle. Other health risks include infections in the uterine system and the development of cancer. Neutering in male pets can help prevent cancer in the testis and other prostate problems.

Behavioral benefit

A female pet can go into heat for four to five days every three weeks. Every cycle, females will cry or whimper and urinate as often as possible. This is to let everyone know that she is in heat and is looking for a mate.

For neutered males, they are more behaved and will less likely leave home. Unneutered male dogs are territorial. To mark their territories, they spray urine with a strong odor all over the area. Mounting is also less likely to happen. There is also a decrease in aggression problems with early neutering.

It is cost-effective

Some people would reason that the surgery is expensive. Taking care of a litter is more costly than spending money for the surgery.

Myths and facts

Many dog owners believe that if they neuter their pets, the latter becomes overweight. The truth is, the number one cause of weight gain in pets is the lack of exercise and overfeeding. A neutered dog will stay slim and fit as long as proper diet and exercise are taken.

Many people believe that neutering could fix a lot of animal behavioral problems. This can be associated with the behaviors related to high levels of testosterone. But this doesn’t mean that once your dog is neutered, your dog’s undesirable behavior also changes. Although certain behaviors are reduced or somehow controlled, it does not mean that they’re completely eliminated. Never choose neutering to resolve behavioral issues. Instead, focus on training your pets properly for them to become well-adjusted, happy adult dogs.

Some dog owners also assume that once a male dog is now neutered, he will feel less likely of a male. This is completely false. Neutering cannot change a dog’s basic personality. Furthermore, a dog doesn’t have a sexual concept or ego.

What is the right age for spaying or neutering your dog?

Originally, neutering was done at six to nine months old. But now, puppies as young as eight weeks old can now be neutered. But these puppies have to be healthy before neutering can be done. Although the risk of developing post-operative complications is little higher, adult dogs can be still be neutered. Dogs that are also overweight or unhealthy, in a general sense of the word, may also be at risk.

A veterinarian is still the best person who can determine the right time to neuter your pet.







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