More often than not, dogs do their little pranks and shenanigans when nobody is around to catch them redhanded. That is precisely what this adorable pooch is going for when she decides to munch on her fur mom’s birthday cake just recently.

Catharina Chagas was celebrating a simple birthday, with only her trusty dog, Lolita, to keep her company and a cake she baked herself to eat for dinner. Since she couldn’t have Lolita to share her cake with, she decided to hop on a video call with her friends to show off her baked cake and have some chit-chat.

Little did she knew that the sweet-toothed Lolita was already dying to get her paws on the said cake. She typically isn’t fed anything sweet, so a tasty cake was something she craved for. That was why when Catharina decided to leave for a while to hand a slice of her cake to her building’s doorman, Lolita immediately went in for the strike.

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The moment her fur mom was out the door, the sneaky pup bolted towards the empty seat and helped herself to the plateful of dessert. She then began munching on the cake, enjoying the delicious pastry for herself, until the entire cake fell to the floor.

When she had her fill, she immediately escaped from the crime scene, confident that her fur mom will not suspect a thing. Little did she knew that she was being watched the entire time. You see, Catharina’s friends were still online when Lolita came for the cake.

They were all doubling over with laughter as they helplessly watched the happy pooch steal Catharina’s precious birthday cake. They tried calling out to her and getting her attention, but Lolita was just too distracted by the cake to care.

Catharina eventually found out about the horrid crime when one of her friends, Orlando Colavolpe Neto, sent her the video of Lolita munching on the pastry. She was hardly mad at the pooch, though. In fact, she was amused at her adorable pup for stealing the show.

Thankfully, the cake didn’t do any damage to Lolita. Watch her hilarious crime here.

Courtesy of Stephen Messenger


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