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It is usual for blind people to have furry friends who will serve as their guide wherever they go. They typically resort to dogs, whom they can rely on, to alert them about the potential danger of obstacles and hazards. Also, dogs enable them to keep their lives joyful still, despite their visual impairments. But who would have thought that a blind dog, like Tao, can also get a seeing dog for himself?

Tao, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, and his owner, Mel Jackson, reside in Somerset, England. Unfortunately for the sweet Golden Retriever, he went blind.


One day, Jackson realized that her pet was suffering from pain. Tao seemed to be just fine in the daytime, but when nighttime strikes, he would complain about getting hurt. Alarmed by this, Mel immediately brought him to the veterinarian.

The doctor checked Tao and he diagnosed him with glaucoma, an eye condition that damages the optic nerve. Both of the Golden Retriever’s eyes were affected, leaving no other choice but to remove them.

Tao’s operation was thankfully successful. Days after, Mel saw how her furry buddy’s life became normal again, without being in intense pain anymore, unlike before.


Mel trained her dog so that he could get used to being blind. Nevertheless, Tao still wished he had more guidance, which made Mel think of having another canine. So, she brought Oko, another golden retriever puppy, to assist as Tao’s guide dog.

Although Oko was only a few months old, he already brought color to Tao’s dull life. Before, Tao only knew how to find his way home from their backyard. Now, he has Oko to rely on whenever they go to new places. He is also no longer afraid of adventures, as his little buddy is always there to accompany and guide him wherever he wants to go.

Indeed, having a buddy can mean a lot, from being a support system to a shoulder to lean on. Also, when darkness blinds one and life hits so hard, having a good friend by one’s side is such a relief.


Source: tao_mr_winky via Instagram


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