We can never be too young to start saving lives. This statement proves true for Roman McConn of Georgia. This seven-year-old boy started rescuing dogs in 2016 and have saved over a thousand dogs by giving them temporary shelter and actively finding a forever home for each of them.

Roman McConn saves dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas and finding a home for them in the Pacific North West. At four years of age, Roman began his rescue organization by asking friends and family to donate money to his favorite animal rescue organization instead of giving him gifts.

He found his passion early on in life and continues to be supported by his parents on his good deeds. Thanks to his passion for saving dogs who are at risk of getting euthanized, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA decided to recognize his efforts by giving him an award.

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The ASPCA holds an annual event recognizing people’s work in helping animals live a better life. One such award is the ASPCA’s Kid Of The Year award, which they decided to give to Roman.

Roman’s project is named the Project Freedom Ride. What this project does is to transport dogs in high-kill shelters in Texas to be transported to Georgia where Roman and his family provides them with food and shelter as well as find forever homes for them. The great thing about this project is that Roman highlights each and every dog available for adoption and what type of family they’re perfect for.

Roman was even featured in Ellen where the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Roman about his project and gifted him with $20,000 to use for the organization. The money Ellen gave helped the organization purchased two additional vehicles to transfer more dogs from Texas to Georgia.

After the day of the taping for the Ellen show, Roman went straight back to work in his non-profit organization by moving eight dogs from their local shelters to be housed temporarily and to find a forever home for them.

Roman’s dedication to saving dogs from high-kill shelters is very inspiring, and his award for ASPCA’s Kid of the Year is truly well-deserved. Here’s a short video of Roman’s appearance at the award ceremony in New York and a brief story of how Roman saves the animals.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube


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