It’s always heartbreaking whenever we hear stories about kids getting diagnosed with a terminal illness. They haven’t experienced all the beautiful things life has to offer, and they simply don’t deserve it.

One 8-year-old boy from North Carolina named Perryn Miller was on vacation with his family. During their vacation, Perryn suddenly fell ill, which caused him to vomit and have painful migraines.

Initially, doctors thought that it was his eyeglasses that was causing the symptoms. However, after having Perryn’s brain scanned, the doctors found something worse. The scan showed results that Perryn had a tumor located in his brain which was very aggressive and also large.

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Perryn and his family currently live in Utah where Perryn is undergoing treatment. To make things worse, the Millers became victims of Hurricane Florence, which destroyed their home.

They decided to move in with local family members temporarily while they were in Utah. Perryn also had a German Shepherd puppy named Frank.

Perryn’s parents stated that it was heartbreaking to see Perryn and Frank separated. They were best friends.

After Perryn had surgery and preparing for chemotherapy, his story started to spread across social media. A man named Bob Reynolds heard about the boy’s plight and had a feeling that he needed to help the boy anyway he can to bring a smile in his face and keep his hopes up.

Being a former long-haul truck driver, Bob thought of something that will make Perryn happy. He decided to spend his weekend transporting the boy’s dog, Frank, from North Carolina to Utah, which is a little more than 2,300 miles.

When Bob arrived, he surprised Perryn by reuniting him with his best friend.

Even with what Perryn went through, he just couldn’t stop smiling when he got reunited with Frank. It’s truly an emotional sight to see, and it’s all thanks to Bob.

Watch the emotional reunion of Perryn and Frank below. Thanks to Bob, Perryn is again filled with hope despite his illness. He truly understands the connection and bond between a boy and his dog.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube


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