Dogs have played a crucial role in Sally Burky’s love life. In fact, just before she began dating the man who would eventually become her husband, she’d adopted a pit bull named Tank. One of the reasons why she said yes to her would-be husband’s wedding proposal was the way the guy treated Tank, her beloved pup.

Sally and her husband found common ground in their love of dogs and their support of the humane treatment of animals in general. As partners, they have fostered and rescued countless dogs together. Also, they actively support an animal rescue center called Haven of the Ozarks.

Given how the couple mutually loves dogs, they decided to include them in their wedding ceremonies. So they thought of the best way to champion their canine-centered advocacy while also celebrating the very foundation of their love. The result was them opting for adult rescue dogs as cute replacements for wedding bouquets.

Sally Burky’s bridesmaids and she herself carried adult rescue dogs while marching down the aisle. It goes without saying that the traditional tossing of the bride’s bouquet of flowers had been intentionally skipped. Or at least we are assuming that’s what happened.

As for the rescue dogs, many of them have already been adopted post-wedding. The publicity they had received thanks to Sally’s viral-worthy wedding hugely contributed to their finding their forever home. This was exactly what Sally had in mind when she and her hubby decided to include the dogs in their wedding rituals–to inspire canine lovers to adopt shelter dogs.

Sally shared that witnessing all those rescue dogs parading down the aisle made her special day even more special. She was more than happy with the choice she had made alongside her husband. The couple now lives on a farm with 9-year-old Tank.

Thanks to Inside Edition


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