GB is a gray and white feline. Milky is a furry doggo, who’s thrice GB’s size. These two four-legged creatures live in the same household.

GB likes lying down in soft and cushy surfaces, like the bed or sofa. Meanwhile, Milky prefers lying down on marble surfaces, perhaps to keep his thick-coated body as cool as possible. They do not fight over their territorial domains in the house because both have their own chosen spots.

GB and Milky’s peaceful coexistence ends when their humans bring home a new bed meant for GB. For some reason, Milky, who used to favor hard and cold surfaces, takes a liking for the new bed. Watch the video below to see how GB the cat deals with this matter.

Kudos to GB the cat and how he handled the situation. He’s not your typical feline. He does not go all warrior mode on Milky, despite the latter stealing his new bed.

Instead, GB decides to punish Milky with kindness. In one scene from the video, we see Milky napping comfortably in GB’s new bed. The cat approaches the sleeping dog and does the most uncatlike thing imaginable.

GB licks Milky’s paw. That is, instead of giving the dog a quick and painful scratch. The cat then walks away from the bed, looking contemplative, as if planning his next moves.

We can speculate why the cat chooses to be diplomatic despite being robbed of his rightful territory. Perhaps he’s a gentle feline, indeed. Or maybe he likes Milky too much to be bothered by the dog’s invasion of his territory.

Either way, these two four-legged creatures are equally adorable. And seeing them live harmoniously under one roof is a sight to behold. Now, who says cats and dogs can never be good friends?

Thanks to MilkyBoki


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