Dogs, no matter their shape or size, can have daring personalities. They are actually smarter than we think they are. For some dogs, if their owners refuse or forget to do something, they just wait and sit patiently. But there are some canines who refuse to just sit down and watch the world go by.

When something is not right, some dogs prefer putting matters in their own hands and will even go the extra mile to find a way – even if it means changing the clock’s time to trick their human parents.

Crusoe is an adorable Dachshund who seems to always be hungry. His mealtimes are given at a specific time each day. One afternoon, the furry pup got hungry earlier than expected. And so, he kindly asked mom for his dinner.

However, it was only 4 pm. Dinnertime was still an hour away. So Crusoe got sad and had no other choice but to wait.

This happened for quite a number of days until he finally figured out a way to go about the system.

Whenever he felt hungry at 4 pm, he would reach out for the clock with his paw and move the hands to 5 pm.  In this way, he could trick his parents. When they would see that it is already 5 pm,  they would not hesitate to give Crusoe his food.

Sneaky, isn’t he? But we still find him lovable.

The parents shared that what started as dinner time at 6 pm soon changed to 5 pm until it was as early as 4 pm. Crusoe may have been naughty but the parents just laughed it off and still loved their furry pooch even more.

With Crusoe’s funny antics, he has earned a million subscribers on Youtube with lots of viewers entertained with what he has to offer.

Watch the playful skit of how it feels like to have a hungry dog at home.

Source: Crusoe the Dachshund via Youtube


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