We all loved playing with Legos when we were younger. For us, these pieces of plastic were only toys, but who knew that they could actually be used for a bigger purpose? The answer to that question is this twelve-year-old boy named Dylan, and it makes perfect sense that a kid would be the one to find a better way to use Legos.

Dylan is a volunteer for Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Kennesaw, Georgia. One day, the rescue group received a call from a local veterinarian asking for help with a dog that was abandoned at their clinic. This lovely pup was named Gracie.

When the vet’s clinic found Gracie at their doorstep, she was covered in maggots, and she was missing several patches of hair; she was in pretty bad shape. On top of these, she was missing her two front legs due to a congenital disability. The vet made sure that she survived, and the next challenge for them is to find a home for this cute little doggo.

Luckily for Gracie, the owners of the shelter, the Turley family, fell in love with her, and they decided to adopt her. She is a vivacious dog that loves playing around with her siblings, who were also missing a few legs. Although she can get around by herself, her dog mom was worried about Gracie hurting herself.

This is where Dylan stepped in. The boy loves playing with Legos, and he decided to build a wheelchair for Gracie using these. It made perfect sense, too. Because Gracie was still a puppy at this point, and they were expecting her to keep growing. Having a wheelchair made out of Legos means that they can rebuild it as the pup grew.

That is exactly what Dylan did. As soon as the wheelchair became too small for Gracie, he dismantled it and added more blocks to fit the pup. He rebuilt the makeshift wheelchair three times, and when Gracie hit her first year, it meant that she would no longer grow. At this point, the Turley family bought her an actual doggie wheelchair, which she will use for the rest of her life.

Credits: Caters Clips


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