Rosie was born with deformed non-functioning forelegs. To move, she uses them to crawl while her rear legs push her forward. Maybe it is her deformity that pushed her owners to abandon her. Or perhaps she was born in the streets. Nobody knows her true back story. But what is known is that she was found in an alley and brought to a shelter. Luckily for Rosie, Jeremy was volunteering there that day.

Rosie came in at the end of the day, fifteen minutes right before the shelter closes. Jeremy felt sorry for the dog, so he still took her in. Jeremy cleaned her up and prepared a kennel for her. But as soon as Jeremy put her in the kennel, she felt a bond with the dog. So he decided to take her home, maybe at least for the weekend. Just so the dog would have some love and companionship.

No going back

Barely a week of staying with Jeremy and his wife, Molly, Rosie let go of her barriers, and her true character came out. She was a kooky dog that had so much love to give. Although she didn’t have much mobility, they could see that she wanted to be active and playful. Their other dogs got along well with Rosie, and she found herself a well-loved member of their pack.

dog, hybrid, male

Jeremy’s love for Rosie grew and grew, and the feeling was mutual. The dog would sleep by his side and would always be with him wherever he goes. If They don’t have a carriage with them, Jermey would simply carry Rosie. Whether they are hiking, or out for a walk, Jeremy would find ways to have Rosie along with them.

When they first got Rosie, vets told them that because of the dog’s condition, she would deteriorate fast. But they proved them wrong. With Jeremy’s love, Rosie found the strength and the will to survive and find happiness in her life.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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