Don Chatten, a 49-year-old man and animal lover, risked his life to save that of another – the life of a tiny black dog. He recalled that that Thursday afternoon, near Bark Park, Ellicott Creek Park in the town of Tonawanda, New York, another person approached him for help. That person had been looking for a tiny dog. Chatten, who had been strolling the park with two of his dogs, took some time to search for the missing dog. Never did Chatten realize that he would locate the missing pup too soon – almost immediately after he commenced his search.

Chatten and his two dogs found the missing pup stuck in the freezing waters just below the park’s bridge. He initially thought of calling 911 for help, but he realized that the dog might not make it by the time help would arrive. Sensing the urgency of the situation, he finally jumped in the icy waters to help the poor dog.

The frozen water’s surface could only hold so much weight. By the time Chatten’s body was up against the frozen surface, it gave in almost immediately. As a result, the lower part of Chatten’s body submerged in the cold waters. But, he didn’t give up. Despite the freezing temperature, Chatten managed to save the distressed pup. Soon afterward, help came and treated both Chatten and the dog.

Chatten’s heroic deeds soon spread like wildfire. His selflessness earned him the appreciation of the town locals and media outlets. But for Chatten, he felt that it was only the right thing to do because he’s an animal lover himself and couldn’t stand watching a dog suffering. Although he downplayed his achievement, I think you might agree with me on this: that diving in the icy waters to save a poor dog is no easy feat at all! For the full story of Chatten’s selfless act, play the video below:

Source WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY via Youtube


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