Google’s Street View has never been more popular with dog-lovers until now. Since Google has to travel through the streets to get their footage physically before uploading it online, they usually catch a glimpse of what people are up to in the area, and often these images are only in fleeting. They never expected one little dog to show up in every frame they took, like what happened with a dog in Japan.

Chasing the camera

As a Google Street View car passed through the streets of Kumage, Japan, they came across a Shiba Inu by the docks the road traveled by. Once the doggie caught a glimpse of the car with the camera, his interest was instantly piqued. You could see in his expression that Google’s car wasn’t going to get away from him quickly since the pooch was determined to find out what they were up to.

As the car rolled through continuing with their footage, you could see that the dog has started his pursuit. Every frame that the video captured showed the little doggie chasing after the car with the camera. He really had to know what the deal was!

Until the end of the road

As the Street View car continued down the road, the pup remained hot on their trail. You could see him lagging a bit as the car sped up, but he never hesitated on continuing with his chase. He keeps this up until the dead-end, where the crew had to stop to end their mapping.

The little guard dog was so brave in pursuing this big hulking van and was able to get it to stop what it was doing successfully. Once he was able to see that the strangers were done with his territory, he trotted back to his usual spot by the docks. The last glimpse of him in the images is a small blob of brown and white fur showing as if it was teleporting.

Check out this video of the chase:

Source: Youtube | Slideshow of Animals


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