Humans cry for many reasons. We cry when our hearts are broken. And, sometimes, we cry too when we get other people’s hearts broken.

When we lose something we hold dear, whether it be an old pair of socks with sentimental value or an expensive pair of earrings, we cry. When we are gifted with something quite precious, we cry. Heck, even when cutting onions in the kitchen, we humans can’t help but shed tears.

When the waterworks commence, it’s nice to have somebody around to comfort us and assure us that things are going to be okay. Having someone who’s got our back makes our crying less painful. It does not matter if our source of comfort and emotional support happens to be a four-legged and furry creature, like a dog.

Our video features a dad crying while cutting onions. See the video below for his dog’s reaction.

Obviously, this is all a setup. No one cries that much over cutting onions, no matter how prone the person is for theatrics. It’s also worth noting that the dad in the video will never receive an Oscar for his acting.

The dad in this video wants to elicit some kind of reaction from his dog. That explains his tear glands’ exaggerated response to the onion he’s cutting. Thankfully for him, his dog is easily fooled by his crying.

We see the dog worried about his dad. He’s too worried that he has to raise his front legs up the kitchen counter, to get closer to dad. He seems intent to comfort his old man, who’s too emotional over dinner prep.

When his initial interventions do not work, the dog looks like he’s trying to stop dad from doing what he’s doing. We have to say this dog is smart. He figured out that all the onion cutting is making his dad cry, and he knew the solution could only be to, well, stop.

Thanks to Funny Dog Bailey


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