It has been a couple of months since the Coronavirus pandemic overwhelmed the world. With how things are going, it does not seem to likely end anytime soon. Despite the life-threatening challenges that front liners in the medical industry face, they continue to ensure that patients are getting proper treatment tirelessly.

That is why any form of help in lessening the stress they experience is always welcome. Weighing only 41 pounds, Wynn, the yellow Labrador Retriever, was introduced to the medical staff. Her sole job is to provide comfort to the emergency department staff of Rose Medical Center in Denver as they take care of patients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Susan Ryan, the volunteer who raised the puppy, had posted a picture of Wynn providing support to the medical staff, and this image went viral. Dr. Ryan, an emergency medicine physician, told TODAY a time when she was just sliding down the hallway, and Wynn would just lay there with her. She added that just getting to pet Wynn helps her relax and remind her that they are connected.

Ryan also mentioned that she always brings Wynn to the emergency department. The good girl would just stay in a crate in a social worker’s office. What makes the Labrador Retriever more adorable is that you can see how she enjoys comforting the first responders and emergency department staff.

Ryan further states that having the lovable animal by her side, petting her, and smelling her paws helps keep her grounded. Having therapy dogs also allows people to lower down their guard and be more humane to each other, especially during dire situations. Having someone who cares for you in such moments helps in keeping your stress levels low. Wynn is truly a saving grace.

Wynn is currently undergoing intensive training in becoming a service animal for Canine Companions for Independence. This nonprofit organization provides service dogs for people with disabilities.

Source: 9NEWS via YouTube


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