Taking care of a doggo with special needs seems like an impossible task, but it’s actually not. Raising a special pooch will require a lot of hard work, but in the end, it’s much more rewarding.

This is something that Chris Hannah knows a lot about. He adopted Cole, a pit bull who was born deaf, and it basically changed his life.

When he learned about this pup’s plight, Chris immediately thought about his nephew, who was also born deaf. So he learned some sign language gestures and taught his new fur baby some basic commands. Fortunately, Cole was a fast learner, and not long after, the pup was able to go beyond basic commands.

The proud dog dad decided to take Cole to his place of work. Chris is an elementary music teacher in Vineland, New Jersey, and his students just love Cole. He also noticed that the pup’s presence taught the kids how to become compassionate. They look at the pooch, and instead of feeling sorry, they celebrate the doggo’s unique qualities.

Plus, it helps that Cole is such a people person. Chris explained that whenever they are at the elementary school, the pup is very playful. But when they visit the local hospice facility, the dog is more chill, and he cuddles with the patients to make them smile. Cole also makes time to visit injured veterans as an emotional support dog.

Is there anything that this doggo can’t do? And to think that this pooch was just abandoned at a busy highway in Vineland because of his disability. People may believe that Cole is extremely lucky that people rescued him. But in reality, it’s the people of Vineland who are lucky. Because not only did they get a fluffy therapy dog, but they also got a great source of inspiration that reminds them to live life to the fullest.

Credits: GeoBeats Animals


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