On her afternoon horseback ride, a woman mysteriously found a cage in the woods, and inside was a little white dog named Lucky. After finding Lucky, the woman proceeded to post pictures online for help. Thankfully,  GTS Husky Rescue, a rescue center in Jupiter, Florida, immediately responded and took Lucky under their care.

When GTS Husky Rescue first met Lucky, they were amazed at how lovely and welcoming she was despite not being able to walk properly with her two front legs. The GTS Husky rescuers initially wanted to get Lucky into surgery for her twisted limbs, but after looking at her x-ray results, the doctors did not recommend surgery. It will be a painful procedure for Lucky, and they wouldn’t want to put her in so much pain unnecessarily.

Lucky got fitted with prosthetic legs instead. It took a while for Lucky to get acclimated to her new legs, but she eventually loved using it for her walks. Cory, Lucky’s foster Mom, along with her three dog siblings, were always supportive of Lucky. They wanted and helped Lucky to learn how to enjoy life.

Lucky also had her own massage therapist named Tamara, who patiently massages her legs often. Although Lucky’s foster family didn’t get much application for adoption, her rescuers were very thorough with every application as Lucky was a special dog with special needs. But the perfect applicant came in the form of Jessie, a child specialist who helps special kids with disabilities. Jessie lives with a friend, who also has a dog named Stella.

It was a very wonderful day when Jessie came in with Stella to meet Lucky for the first time. GTS Husky Rescue’s very important requirement was for the two dogs to be comfortable with each other first due to Lucky’s special condition. Fortunately, Stella was so gentle with Lucky. Needless to say, Jessie and Lucky fell in love the moment they met.

Lucky now has a big bed full of toys, a new friend/playmate, and a forever Mom that has so much love to give her. Jessie was so thankful for all the love and support the rescuers have given Lucky. She aspires for Lucky to be a therapy dog, helping kids with special differences just like her. Lucky would be able to show countless children that life is good and special despite their disability. She will be an inspiration for resilience and that anyone can be happy despite their differences.

Images courtesy of Friends with Lucky


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