Dogs often want to get their owner’s attention. Sometimes, they become too naughty that they end up destroying things around them. This particular dog, however, found a unique way to get his family’s attention.

Sonic, an adorable pug, lives with his family of hoomans who adores him. His family loves him, but Sonic kind of doubt if they are really devoted to him.

The playful pup found a way to test his family. He developed a habit of hiding from them whenever he thinks that his family is too busy to pay attention to him. He wanted to check if someone will notice that he’s “gone.”

Sonic often tries his best to conceal his presence. Unfortunately, his hiding spot often shows where he is. He often leaves his feet uncovered.

It seems like Sonic had no idea that the curtains can not hide his entire body. He just stays behind the curtains without knowing that his adorable little feet keep showing.

Despite this, Sonic seems to be enjoying the idea that his family couldn’t see him. He thinks that his family will get worries if he hides from them.

This is probably Sonic’s idea of getting his family’s attention. He doesn’t even move whenever someone calls out his name. He just stares at his hoomans.

According to Junior Alvarado, Sonic thinks that he was doing a great job hiding from everyone. It’s really funny that the poor dog doesn’t have any idea that everyone can still see him.

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Posted by Junior Alvarado on Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sonic’s family enjoys Sonic’s little trick. They just play along with the dog’s plan and they make it look like they get worried because they couldn’t see Sonic.

Alvarado also mentioned that Sonic just watch them even when they are calling out for him to come out. He seems to enjoy their worried looks.

Sonic reveals himself whenever he senses that his family is starting to stop searching for him. It’s like his attempt to ease their worries. It’s hilarious.

Thanks to Junior Alvarado for sharing this funny clip.


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