Dogs are pretty unpredictable. So it would greatly help dog owners if dogs can communicate with them in ways that owners can clearly understand.

Alexis, a pet mom of a 15-month-old sheepadoodle named Bunny, came across the work of Christina Hunger, a pathologist, on speech-language. She was determined to help Bunny in learning to communicate with her. With hard work and some advanced technology, Bunny was able to communicate with her mom effortlessly.

Using 70 buttons, Bunny can talk to her mom. Each button produces a different word whenever she steps on it. For example, when Bunny wants to go to the bathroom, she presses the button corresponding to the word outside.

The buttons were not always that many. Of course, Alexis worked hard on helping Bunny talk. She started with one button which corresponds to a single word. Once Bunny learns the previous word, Alexis would add new buttons for the new words she wants Bunny to learn.

She teaches Bunny diligently. And in no time, Bunny can easily hold a conversation with her mom.

Bunny was remarkable and undeniably a good student, too. She was able to learn everything her mom teaches her. Now, Bunny would simply walk up to the buttons with the words she likes to tell or ask her mom.

The talking dog seems to enjoy every conversation. She can talk nonstop and even sometimes argue with her mom.

So when her mom uploaded a video on social media featuring Bunny pressing her buttons to speak, it instantly caught people’s attention. Bunny then became an instant celebrity.

Today, Bunny is a part of a research study on how dogs learn a language. This study is open to anyone who tries to teach their dogs to communicate.

Indeed, there’s no denying that Bunny is a special dog.

Source @what_about_bunny via Instagram


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