Dogs love to play fetch. It’s a simple game of give and take: a human throws a toy; a dog picks it up and brings it to the human. Then the human throws it away again for the dog to get it once more. It might be simple, but playing fetch strengthens the bond between a dog and a human.

But what happens when the dog starts holding on to the item that it fetched instead of giving it back to his human? That’s what the dog in our story did.

Layla is a boxer who loves her humans. A beloved dog, she usually plays fetch with her human dad inside the home, whether he’s at rest and lying on the couch, or just there sitting.

One day, Layla’s human recorded a video of her standing in front of him. She was making growling noises while holding a toy in her mouth. One would think that she was angry at her human, but she wasn’t; the two of them were playing fetch.

The adorable dog, however, wanted to play fetch her way. She didn’t want to give and take, and wouldn’t return the toy to her human dad. Instead, she held on to it and seemingly waited for his dad to throw another toy.

Obviously, Layla’s dad couldn’t play fetch because she kept holding on to the toy they were playing with. Soon, her facial expression changed from one that wanted to be thrown another toy, to another that seemed to say “get the toy from me if you can, and throw it away again.”

Soon, after a few tries, Layla’s dad was able to get the ball from her and threw it away for her to fetch. Ecstatic, Layla ran as fast as she can to the toy and brought back to her dad for another round of fetch.

Layla’s story reminds us that our bond with each other grows when we learn the importance of giving. Her desire to keep the toy prevented her and her dad from playing and enjoying the time they have. Let’s learn to give what we have so that others will enjoy us, too.

Source: Layla the Boxer Dog via YouTube


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