While summer calls for a fun time to relax, it shouldn’t be a reason for us to neglect our four-legged friends inside a car.

A poor puppy was howling for its life as he struggled in the blistering heat of a locked car. His owners had been enjoying their time at the beach while this dog was desperately barking for help. Luckily, staff members at the Holiday Inn & Suites were nearby and heard the dog’s cries, and within minutes, police arrived at the scene who found the dog in a precarious situation.

The car’s doors were all locked with its windows up, so the cops had no other option but to break it open to save the pup’s life. They quickly gave him some water to cool him off and reassured that everything would be okay. After a few minutes, animal control arrived and measured the now-opened car’s temperature only to found out it was at a scorching 94.6 degrees. With this knowledge, the car’s temperature probably would have been at around 100 degrees before they arrived.

The police station posted about this situation on social media, reminding dog owners to take extra precautions when going out with animals or children. They also pointed out that the case had also been referred to prosecutors to tell the public that it’s simply wrong to neglect our loved ones in a locked car. It looks like the unjust scenario that happened to this poor dog won’t go unpunished!

This dog’s story should serve as a reminder for all of us to be mindful of how we spend our time. People who irresponsibly leave their companions in a possibly dangerous car shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs in the first place.

Know more about how concerned bystanders saved this pup’s life by watching this video.

Images from the Clearwater Police Department Facebook Page, Video sourced from YouTube | Zoo Land


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