You need to be really fit to run a marathon. Now, imagine running a 6-day ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert. The Marathon des Sables is a 6-day ultramarathon organized every year where only the most seasoned of all runners and adventurers join. This running event is not your everyday fun run.

The unbelievable part of this year’s Marathon des Sables is that for the first time for the event, they had a dog join in and finished the event. On day 2 of the event, organizers and competitors noticed that a dog was following them. They saw that dog running and seemed to be having fun.

People who saw that dog began posting on social media pages including the official social media page of the race describing the dog as the first of its category. The dog instantly became a hit among the competitors as well as the spectators and gave him the name, Cactus.

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The Marathon des Sables is dubbed as the toughest foot race on Earth. Competitors joining the event would run one full marathon each day for six days. That’s a little over 140 miles of running.

Cactus started running with the competitors on day two. At first, the organizers, as well as the competitors and spectators, thought that Cactus would simply go home and won’t join the later stages. However, Cactus proved them all wrong when he still ran the rest of the race with them.

Cactus started to get followers in social media and won the hearts of the competitors. He would often run with a group of runners and get food and water from them. He even got belly rubs after each stage of the race from his fans. Responding to his popularity, race organizers gave cactus an official race number and a GPS tracker for his followers to track his progress during the race.

Race officials also started Cactus’s own social media page and began posting pictures of him during the race. Cactus finished the rest of the race and was awarded his very own finisher medal.

Cactus’s owner, Karen Hadfield, stated that her dog runs 25 miles a day for fun and that Cactus is having the greatest time at the race. After the race, Cactus was safely collected by his owner where his fans bid him farewell.

Video Source euronews (in English) via YouTube


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