It seems that musical animals don’t only exist in kids’ movies and cartoons. You can see them in real life, too!

Take this one Dalmatian named Dexter for instance. He isn’t only a singer but also a pianist! And his performance has taken the Internet by storm.

Here’s Dexter’s extraordinary musical story:

Dexter, the goofy singing dog

Esther and Rob Mason of Jersey’s Channel Island in the UK happen to see their pup’s melodic barks while striking the keys of the piano. It was Esther who has recorded the videos of the two-year-old Dalmatian.

Apparently, the dog has been singing throughout the year. The recording of Dexter’s performance has been kept secret. That way, he will not experience stage fright and stop performing in case he realizes his owners are watching.

Esther describes Dexter as a goofy pooch who plays the piano. In one of the videos she has recorded, Dexter could be seen standing on his hind legs. He then howls upward as each sound of the piano key gets plated. Esther funnily recalls that her pup must have gotten the musical inspiration because of her copy of Cats the Musical soundtrack resting on top of the piano.

Furthermore, she confidently says that Dexter is really passionate about his music.

The best pianist in the house

Esther says that the family got the piano when her daughter was still learning how to play the instrument. But it really seems that the best player in the house is Dexter.

There was even one instance when Esther’s family heard the sound of the piano in the middle of the night. Then, they found out that Dexter was just playing it.

Despite Dexter’s affinity for the piano, he tends to stop when he sees Esther. Esther just explains that the dog has a short attention span and that he’ll run to them when he wants to play.

Video Source: SWNS via YouTube


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