The pandemic has caused most people to work from home. While everyone does their best to give the best output, there are challenges such as kids screaming in the background while at a Zoom meeting. At times, pets can interrupt too, which was what happened to chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto.

In a viral video that circulated online, Paul Dellegatto of Fox 13 in Tampa Bay was reporting the weather live from his home. Everything was smooth until his dog, Brody, whacked his computer so he no longer could move the mouse and show his weather visuals. It turned out Brody was asking for his snacks. As a result, Dellegatto had to continue with his weathercast while scratching Brody at the same time.

While the incident could be considered a glitch, several people found it funny and a stress-reliever which was a big deal in a gloomy health crisis. Dellegato’s colleagues also loved Brody, and one of them even said that there is no need for the weather map as they will just look at Brody. Since then, Brody got the nickname the Weather Dog.

To the delight of Brody’s fans, the funny dog interrupted Dellegatto on several other occasions, and for a while, he became the meteorologist’s sidekick at home. There was one time when he chewed on the microphone and another time when he looked out at the window where Craig, the cameraman, is positioned. When Brody is not on Dellegatto’s weathercast, some folks would message him and request Brody.

When Dellegatto finally went back to the studio, he received a couple of handwritten letters telling him how much they love Brody, and he helped uplift their spirits during this trying time. Dellegatto hoped to bring Brody to the studio too, but the logistics were quite challenging, so he informed Brody’s fans to watch out for him on social media.

Watch Brody’s viral video below.

Photo and video credits to Fox 13 Tampa Bay via YouTube.


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