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Shy dogs in animal shelters are often not adopted. The reason for this is that potential dog adopters prefer pooches who are friendly and showy. Although there is nothing wrong with this preference, there are several dogs who are neglected because they are shy.

It is a reality in animal shelters that dogs have different personalities because of their separate backgrounds. Most of these dogs become reserve because of their ugly past. We could not blame them for that because they are already afraid to trust.

This dog named Banjo has been with the Gloucester-Mathew Humane Society for three years before he was adopted. The reason why it took that long for the pooch to find his forever home was that Banjo was too shy.

A beagle mix, Banjo, according to the shelter volunteers, is afraid of being around people. The dog likewise is not inclined to playing indoors. In short, Banjo is different in so many ways.

When potential adopters visit the animal shelter, Banjo would be seen distancing himself from these visitors. Since he is aloof to people, it took time for the pooch to be adopted.

While Banjo was different concerning his personality, the volunteers of the animal shelter did not give up on him. They want badly for the pooch to be adopted. The first thing they did was to address the dog’s shy demeanor.

The volunteers joined Banjo in attending several behavioral sessions to address his fear of being around people. They were determined to have Banjo adopted.

In their minds, the perfect adopters for Banjo would be those who will understand his situation. Good thing, there was a potential adopter that fits the profile of Banjo.

The animal shelter gladly announced that there was a family who was interested in providing Banjo a forever home. According to the shelter, the family read the story of Banjo, and they found it interesting.

Posted by Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Credits to Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society.


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