You may have heard that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. No wonder people nowadays are investing so much in hair care products, even spending a lot of money in their favorite salon to get the perfect photo-ready hair that we all deserve.

I’m not sure if you agree with me, but I feel that all the money I have spent, including the tip that I give my hairdresser, is all worth every penny. This is especially when they got the right shade of color, and whenever they ace the hairstyle that I have in mind. I guess it’s only fair to compensate them for their hard work.

However, some are naturally gifted with beautiful hair and perfect (natural) highlights, just like Ruger an eight-month-old, English Springer Spaniel owned by Kerbie Gibbs.

Yes! You read it right. Ruger is a dog with the perfect hair that comes with natural highlights. Gibbs, a 21-year-old college student attending Marshall University in West Virginia, shared a photo of his dog through her social media account, which went viral.

According to Gibbs, their family adopted Ruger when he was still a puppy. She described him as a clumsy and extremely loving dog. Ruger is her best friend and is always together, not until she needed to move to pursue her college education.

Gibbs often finds herself missing Ruger all the time, so she often asks her siblings to send her a picture of Ruger to make sure that he is okay.

One day, Gibbs asked her brother to send her a photo of Ruger, which he gladly obliged. She noticed how Ruger’s fur looked beautiful and with a light brown highlighting some of his furs. She immediately shared the photo in her social media account, which inspired other viewers to share their dog’s beautifully highlighted furs.

Thank you, Ruger! Now I know what to ask my hairstylist the next time I visit them.

Credits to Kerbie Gibbs


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