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Coco was such a sweet and loving dog, but all of his four owners ended up returning him to the shelter because of his illness. With his health declining each day, his vet told shelter workers that he only had a few weeks to live. Luckily, someone changed Coco’s fate. A kind-hearted man named Luciano learned about his condition, and he was willing to help him.

Apart from Coco’s illness, he often got rejected because of his unique appearance. However, these things didn’t matter to Luciano as he only wanted to make Coco happy. Since cancer had already affected his head and lungs, he suffered from severe deformity. Luciano changed Coco’s name to Thanos.

The two instantly became best friends. Luciano made sure that Thanos would spend his final days with love and care. However, there were some challenges associated with taking this loving dog home. He sought advice from different veterinarians, and it was clear that the best thing he could do was to make Thanos’ last days unforgettable.

Despite his condition, Thanos remained playful. He played fetch, went on car rides, and cuddled with his fur dad. There was no doubt that Luciano liked Thanos’ company. Unfortunately, after two weeks of spending time with Luciano, Thanos passed away. Their bonding moment might have ended sooner than expected, but Thanos was grateful for Luciano’s love.

Luciano will never forget their incredible friendship. He also posted a farewell message, which goes to show how Thanos had touched his life. Despite getting rejected multiple times, Thanos still managed to find his happy ending. His final days were filled with unconditional love.

Thanos was just one of the many unwanted animals who deserved to be loved. Their imperfections have deprived them of experiencing love, but giving them a chance to live a happy life can make a big difference.

Video Source: Marcela Silvestre via Twitter


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