You may have heard and learned so much about dogs and their different breeds but one thing is for sure, they love people. They are there to protect us, become our friends, and be our source of everyday entertainment. It is like they are here on this planet for us.

Another thing that dogs love for sure is food. Dogs are interested in food as well as treats as evident in the video below.

Food, glorious food

Watching this video below will just make you laugh so hard, you could cry. The reactions that dogs make when they smell or see food in front of them is just so hilarious it would be a struggle controlling your laugh. As seen in the video, it doesn’t matter if your dog is tamed or not because their reaction to food treats are all the same — and it is just so fun to watch!

Play, eat, repeat

Shelter, food, exercise, and a visit to the vet once in a while are some of the basic needs of our dogs that we know by heart. The way they react to each is different, though, and watching this video of dogs reacting to food is just so hilarious. Watching this will make you want to be more attentive to your own furball’s reaction to the meals you serve them with. Better yet, do what the fur parents on the video did: feed them by hand and see how funny their facial reaction will be.

Truly, dogs can have a dozen or more facial reactions that are so fun for us to watch. This video gives us an idea of how they react to their food treats and funny that they are, lots of us will be looking forward to seeing our dogs reaction to their food from now on.

Wow Animals via Youtube


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