There are many adorable things can be said about the dog Cody. He’s a cute and lively 10-year-old Labrador-and-boxer mix. He adores chomping on cheeseburgers.

But there’s one sad thing that must be divulged about Cody. That is he’s been diagnosed with cancer. The vet that made the diagnosis gave the pup just three more months, max.

This was, of course, heartbreaking for Cody’s family. After all, they have spent a decade with this loving dog. So what did they do upon learning about the pup’s terminal illness?

Well, the family decided to make Cody’s remaining days as fun and as fulfilling as possible.

As to how they could make Cody’s remaining life more enjoyable for the pup, the family had a simple plan. That is feeding Cody his favorite plain cheeseburger every single day after his diagnosis. They bought these cheeseburgers from a nearby Burger King.

One day, Cody’s human Karcher dropped by the burger joint for Cody’s cheeseburger supply. One of the staff commented on how they’ve noticed Karcher’s sudden predilection for plain cheeseburgers. This is where Karcher shared Cody’s story to the Burger King staff.

Cody’s story touched the heartstrings of the BK staff. The staff talked to the burger joint’s manager. Later Karcher received heartwarming news.

Cody’s last cheeseburgers would be provided by Burger King for free. It was a simple gesture. It was much appreciated nonetheless.

Saying goodbye to a pet dog will never be easy. All canine enthusiasts would know that no matter how many times you’ve gone through the process, it never gets better. Instead, you learn to find silver linings in the situation.

Karcher and the rest of their family has an entire decade with Cody. Now it was almost time to say goodbye. The good thing is there are cheeseburgers to make the whole thing more tolerable.

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