Georgi Bereziani, a 62-year-old Georgian man, was reunited with his dog after three years of non-stop searching. It was 2015 when Geori’s best friend Jorge went missing. He was devastated. Since then, he had been searching everywhere for him. He put up notices, posters and ads, and even kept on combing the streets and other pets and animal shelters for any sign that would possibly lead to his lost canine. Never did he give up hope that one day he’ll find his dog. He eventually did.

It was the first Sunday of October, on the second week when a close friend contacted him. Georgi’s friend said that he saw, along with some co-workers, a dog whose looks is similar to Jorge’s description sitting in front of the opera house building where the friend was working. Immediately, he went on his way to where he was told the dog has been spotted.

The following video, which was first uploaded and posted to the Youtube Channel ViralHog, details the events of the emotional reunion. The emotional part is about two minutes into the video.

Video Credits to The Straits Time

As per the five-minute clip which is mostly filmed by Mr. Bereziani himself, he was seen taking the bus and alighting from it after nearing the said location. He then went on to walk from the bus stop towards the building to the spot to where the canine is along the sidewalk. Not a moment too soon, and he was able to glimpse the black and white patches of a sleeping dog.

Mr. Bereziani called out Jorgi’s name as he approached the dog lying beside a tree. “Jorgi!” he exclaimed.

There was a short moment after the look of recognition is seen on the dog’s face and when the dog did recognize his human, his ears went up and then ran to him.

“Jorge, is that you?’ Jorge, Jorge, it’s you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?” Mr. Bereziani continued on to say as Jorgi throws his front paws at him in excitement and utter joy. He barks and makes whimpering noises in between out of pure delight at seeing his human again after a long time.

On his right ear, Jorgi has the yellow tag. This is indicative of the dog being taken in by the animal control personnel from the streets. He then was vaccinated before being released after he was deemed harmless.

In the latter part of the video, Jorgi and Mr. Bereziani were seen after a drive towards home where Jorgi was greeted with all the family members, and he greeted them in the same excited way with barks and whimpers. Jorgi was very lively and very happy realizing that he is home once again.

The heart-melting video now has more than nine hundred and eighty thousand (980,000) views on YouTube and still rising.

Credits to The Straits Time for this story.


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