Having dogs working in the police force isn’t a new concept. We’ve all seen the cool canine officers who sniff packages and chase after bad guys. But this isn’t the only job that dogs can have in law enforcement. Aside from being tough and vigilant, dogs are also perfect for emotional support, and that will be Macy’s mission.

Macy is an English Labrador puppy that was unveiled by the Mesa Police Department last year. She has been with the force since she was eight weeks old. When she hit 16 weeks, her training officially started. Just like with any other job that dogs take on, they need to undergo obedience training.

But soon after that, she will undergo the official training to become a certified therapy dog. One may think that she will be trained to serve the police offers, but she’s not. Macy will be employed to provide emotional support to the victims that the police officers will be asking questions from.

Asking traumatized victims some questions to help the police officers do their work isn’t as easy as it sounds. These victims may be so shaken up that they aren’t able to think clearly, and some may not even be able to talk at all. If the suspect is still at large, it will help the police if they get information from the victims as soon as possible.

This is where Macy steps in. Having a pup around, especially one that is a certified therapy dog can help the victims relax and eliminate their anxiety. Just the mere presence of the pup will certainly ease the tension, and it will help the victims communicate more effectively.

Macy is the first canine to have this type of job in Mesa, Arizona, but she isn’t the first one in the Arizona Valley region. Hopefully, with the predicted success of Macy and the other therapy dogs in law enforcement, more police departments will follow suit.

Credits: ABC15 Arizona


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