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If you follow dog accounts on Instagram, you would probably come across Envy and Zain’s profile. These two dogs previously made headlines because they often hug each other in most of their photos. With this, they received the moniker “hugging dogs” given by the netizens.

The two Border Collies are living with their loving family in Pennsylvania. Envy and Zain recently welcomed a new member of the family named Trek.

Trek was not the offspring of Envy and Zain, but a new pooch of their fur parents. In an Instagram post, the dogs’ fur parents said that they adopted the pooch from the Glen Highland Farm in New York. Zain also came from this animal shelter, so the owners are sure that the pooch would be a wonderful pet.

The fur parents thought of adopting the pooch because they wanted to give Envy and Zain a new companion. When Trek arrived, there was a bit of awkwardness because he is not used to being a house pet. Before he arrived at his new home, Trek spent the last three years of his life at the animal shelter.

According to the volunteers from the animal shelter, Trek is shy and reserved. This is why the dog found it challenging to find a new home. Fortunately, the dog got adopted by the parents of Envy and Zain because Trek had the traits the parents are looking for.

After a few weeks, Trek built an excellent rapport with Envy and Zain. Since Envy and Zain are also welcoming, they made the pooch part of their circle. As a new family member, Trek began joining the two dogs in their photoshoots. Trek would always place himself between Envy and Zain. This is because he wanted to be the center of attraction of the photos.

Credits to Envy, Zain, and Trek.


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