We know what our normal temperature is as humans. However, what we do not really understand is that our dogs and our puppies can have a different temperature as ours. What most dog owners usually think is that they would have the same temp as their pets. But that is not the case. The thing is, puppies can actually have a higher temperature than humans and that is normal. However, do not take this as something that would mean having a really big difference. The difference actually is just several degrees.

A human has a normal temperature at around 98.6º. This is definitely lower than a puppy’s normal temperature which should range from around 99.5º and 102.5º. To those dog owners who are not really informed about this, they may believe that they pet is already running a temperature when in fact it is just the right temperature for them. So if you think that your puppy may be quite warm, you may want to consider the fact that they have a bit higher temperature than us. That is normal for them.

Is there something wrong?

Now most dog owners are asking just how can they know if the puppy is already running a fever or is already ill. They are also asking just what if something is already wrong. The problem with dogs is that they cannot tell you if they are feeling not well. They cannot speak and tell you that something is wrong with them. That is why as a dog owner, you have to make sure that you know the signs and be observant with regards to your puppy.

To be able to help you, here are some of the signs that your puppy is definitely not feeling up to par. Be observant and if you notice any of these happening to your pup, go ahead and call your vet and let them know what you have observed.

  • Your puppy is lethargic. Meaning, they are not as energetic as they used to be.
  • Your puppy is showing signs of depression.
  • Your puppy has red eyes.
  • Your puppy has warm ears.
  • Your puppy has a nose that is now warm and dry when it usually is wet and cold.  
  • Your puppy is shivering.
  • Your puppy is eating very little or is not eating at all.
  • Your puppy is coughing or may even be vomiting.
  • There is nasal discharge.

Check the temperature of your pup

Just to be sure, you can actually go ahead and check the temperature of your pet so you can be on the safe side. What you can use is a ear thermometer or a rectal thermometer that is designed and made especially for the little doggies. If in the even that the puppy is rested and the temperature that you record is more than 103º, then that means that your pup is already running a fever. However, if the recorded temperature goes less than 99º, then there is also something wrong with your pup.



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