For a famous politician, there’s no way to evade the headlines. Since your every move is newsworthy, you must always be prepared to see your name splashed across the banners of news outlets. This is something former Vice President Joe Biden already knows–well, probably.

It’s rare, if not absolutely impossible, for politicians to be universally liked. They will always have both supporters and detractors. No matter which side they sit on the political fence, they are bound to get criticized for something.

However, November last year, Joe Biden did something that no one could criticize. News outlets reported about his adoption of a foster dog and even his most ardent critics fell silent. It was a stark contrast with what happened a decade earlier when the Biden family had decided to purchase a pup from a commercial breeder.

Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are both dog aficionados. Their newest adopted dog is a German Shepherd named Major. They served as foster parents to Major for several months before deciding to make it official and adopt the pup.

Even Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, is a self-professed canine enthusiast. In fact, it was Ashley who had alerted her parents about the German Shepherd litter at Delaware Humane Association (DHS) that needed fostering. As soon as Joe Biden learned about the litter, he contacted the DHS and later took Major home.

Major had to undergo highly-specific training so he could keep up with the Bidens. These include getting used to dealing with a large group of photographers, as well as traveling on airplanes. Major was able to deliver, which probably contributed to the Bidens finally deciding to transition from serving as Major’s foster parents to being his legit human parents.

The Bidens and Major live together with the couple’s other dog, Champ.

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